thrush that don't go away!!!

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thrush that don't go away!!!

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Right I have suffered with thrush which has abnormally decided it didn't want to be effective with hardly any treatments doctors prescribed. I Googled till in was blue in the face and done some research. Firstly I'd like to say that the thrush in had was not itchy and didn't smell at all but just looked very sore, although it wasn't sore at all. Non perfumed soaps did not work like (simple) canes tan chose not to work neither 1% or 2% clotrisomol cream. It was ineffective. The course of tablets the doctor gave me, worked the first time but after that they didn't touch it. The one dose tablet didn't work neither! Keeping dry with non perfume talc held it back but didn't get any better but better still didn't get any worse either. Changing clothes like underwear making sure they were clean and changed twice a day didn't work, clothes that didn't rub didn't work and changing wash powder didn't neither. I tried cutting garlic and even putting tape round my for skin, didn't work. Eating raw garlic, tried that. Would of taken far too long to ne absorbed through the body. So stopped that too. Using natural yogurt with live bacteria in, didn't work. Stopped drinking fizzy drinks, didn't work. Changed diet altogether didn't work. Now, the good news. The only thing that I found helpful wasssssssss!!! Now. Right before I give u the actual answer to your problems. I used, tea tree oil which was pure, felt like it burned. Was a bit too strong then used hair shampoo for lice treatment with tea tree in..... at last started to work. Hold on, but didn't go away altogether. Still kept looking..Finally home bargains close to where I live. I see this green and orange bottle called olbas bath with green fluid in. Well well well. Started using this and within 3 days the look of thrush had almost disappeared!!! One week and it was gone. This bottle is now £2.49 and I dilute it in the bath each and every time I have a bath. I had thrush for more months of the year that I didn't have thrush then I go find this little gem!! If you have not got a home bargains near you, it is on amazon for a similar price. The thrush I had was last gone 6 months until this week it came back. I noticed it a week or so ago so went a bought some of this genie in a bottle and low and behold 3 days later it's GONE I kid u not. FACT. If u have a bath and it's too hot or u have sunburn it will sting, make sure u do this every day until completely gone. I also think drinking cold green tea help aswell flush the thrush from that area by your bush. It's not nice and it made me depressed. I'm now a happy candida free man and know how to lose the thrush. Trust me just try and post your comments so I know how u got on...
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Re: thrush that don't go away!!!

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One of the main ingredients in Olbas Oil is cajuput, which is a type of tea tree oil, so it would have powerful anti-fungal effects. The clove oil in it also works against fungi, and is slightly numbing so might make the skin more comfortable, as is the mint oil... so these may be the reasons why it worked.
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