Clothballs getting caught and causing pain

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Clothballs getting caught and causing pain

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-note, this is a problem involving private parts-

I'm experiencing a problem lately I've never heard of before - I'm an uncircumcised male and just as a note I do peel back my foreskin when I bathe and shower. Thrice now I've had an STD scare where my penis head has felt uncomfortable and sore, but been found to be without STDs. Honestly, and I know I'll get chastised for this, the second time I started taking antibiotics because I didn't believe the result was accurate.

Basically what I've discovered each time while desperately looking for something to sooth the discomfort (I started using odourless/gentle cream to wash rather than shampoo, but when the discomfort continued, I felt it was soothing to have my foreskin peeled back in the bath or lathering it in E45) I discovered a hair which, when pulled, would extract a very small clothball, like you'd find on your feet after wearing cotton socks, come from an unknown part of my skin from the bottom of my penis (the bit that, if your helmet was an actual helmet, would house the face of the wearer). The clothball type thing has always been stuck rather steadfastly, making me worry the first time that it was a growth of skin or something else physically attached.

The first time this happened I thought it was a fluke, laughed at how worried I'd gotten and dismissed it, now it's happened three times I'm slightly disturbed. I wear pants which shouldn't shed and don't seem to anywhere else (no cottonballs anywhere else in my nethers, where you'd expect them on the bum etc if it was the pants) and as I said, I wash under regularly but these seem to be stuck by something that doesn't allow them to be washed off with water.

I mean I suppose what I'm asking is am I the only one whose had things like this? If not, is there any way others have found of preventing it? If so, is it something I should see somebody about? I feel somewhat stupid going to a GP about an occasional clothball-looking-thing but as someone who likes to maintain high standards of personal hygiene (to the extent my friends think I can be slightly obsessive) this is really quite disconcerting.

P.P.S. for the avoidance of doubt, each time the pain I've felt has disappeared upon the removal of the item
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