is my friend cheating on her bf?

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is my friend cheating on her bf?

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hello people
im just posting this blog coz my friend is going out with this guy who loves her so much & they've been going out for 5 months but me and a few other people think shes now cheating on him. its just that on her bebo page she talks to this guy a lot like every day & he gives her love n the comments he leaves her sound more than just friends. & 1 of my other friends sits next to her in 1 of our classes says that the guy she talks to alot on bebo pays for her fone (the girl who may be cheating) so she can fone n text him. i dunno if shes cheatng or not because the guy is 29 & claims that he has a 12 year old daughter. things can still happen though & my friend cheated on 1 of her exes b4. some1 told her bf basically what im telling u & he got upset & didnt really want to believe it. and i think that the guy she may be cheating on has sed that he loves her coz it say summat like 'he sed i love you and i creid...' on her msn personal message or something but i really dont know. im just wondering if anyone thinks she is cheating or what the guy should do or whatever.
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Well done to you,for trying to help your friend (& also for posting,here @
problem pages.) :)

I get sooo frustrated when I hear of sites such as "bebo" & "Facebook"
etc, :evil:

There is,I really do believe,a difference between the internet and real

I don't think that your friend is cheating,just that they have a very full
and interesting life,on the internet. This must be kept SEPERATE
from reality!!!!! [at all times]
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Even if she is cheating don't get involved because the b/f has already been told and chooses not to believe it
It usually tends to be the ones who deliver the bad news that usually end up being the ones everyone is annoyed once things get out, rather than the people who commit the bad act, sad fact of life.
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Don't get involved! Even if it isn't your fault or anything, you'll still get blamed (unfortunately!).
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Post by spacegirl »

how old are you guys? i think you should question her "friendship" with this guy on the internet, if she doesn't know him how does she know that he is actually 29 or anything about him?i'd be more worried about this random adult man chatting to teenagers online! don't accuse your friend of cheating on her boyfriend, as the others say it will just cause conflict between you and your friend. whether your not your friend has cheated on this guy is between them, but try and encourage your friend not to speak to strange men online,she's gonna be flattered by this guy flirting with her but keep an eye on her.
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