HELP! am I normal?

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HELP! am I normal?

Post by katie01 »

Hey all the ppl i know are always going on about their sexlives and stuff (im still a virgin) and for some reason the concept of having sex really does not appeal to me. It worries me, cos i dont think its normal to not be interested in sex atall! Ive had alot of boyfriends so its not that fact im not used to boys or anything... i just dont want anyone going down there! Im also worried about it hurting during sex and if i'll die a virgin! someone help!
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Post by brfc »

hey there dont worry about not wanting sex yet. i was the same at your age. when the times right it will come naturally. just enjoy yourself and try not too worry about things.
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Post by streetglow_cruiser »

i wouldn't worry if i was you hun, i didn't have sex til i was 17, it's not i didn;t have the opertunity to, i just didn't want to. i have turned out fine and am now happily engaged to my fiance who was the 5th person i have ever had sex with.
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Post by Neesy »

You are perfectly normal. I didn't have sex until I was 19.

You will probably find that half of what your friends are talking about is all made up anyway!
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Post by lusciouslips007 »

hey don't worry! you've got ur whole life ahead of u. Just enjoy yourself. lol. don't get pressurized into doing something u don't want to, just coz everyone else is doing it. When the time's right, it will happen...
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Post by HappyGoLucky »

You are totally normal! Don't do it because everyone else is. Just wait till the time is right with a special someone. In the meantime, just enjoy yourself. :)
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Post by FocusOnMe »

Your perfectly normal. Your attitude to sex is wise. People who lose their virginity at a young age end up regretting it. I was 17 when i first had sex, i loved my boyfriend at the time but i would have rather of waited!
It'll happen when your ready. Don't worry about other people and what they might be doing!
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Post by lilessexgal »

hey hun it just means your not ready yet. which isnt a bad thing! just relax when your ready you will know it untill then just carry on how you are!

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Post by DoodlePlex »

I'm 19 going on 20 and am still a virgin. It just happens when it happens, I guess. But you're definitely normal, no worries.
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Post by essyiii »

Don't feel pressured by the people around you. Just do what's best for you =)
Steph x
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Post by rufio89 »

dont worry love - there's more to life than sex, and while sex is a wonderful thing, you've got many years ahead of you to have sex.

Im sure in a few years, you'll be interested in sex.
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