Really? :(

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Permanent Fixture
Permanent Fixture
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Really? :(

Post by Liquidius »

I'm typing this after now really feeling I've gotten to my wits end. It's once again 12:42 at night, and I'm awake. Not for no reason this time, may I add, this time I have cystitis and it hurts so much I can't explain. The other nights? Well, I've also been awake for those, be it because of insomnia alone, anxiety, depression, cystitis, a cold, or a combination of the five . And it's been like this all year so far.

I don't even know if a response would make me feel better, I just need to get this out. I'm so incredibly fed up of my body falling apart. It's like one thing after another and a continual uphill battle. Sometimes I sit here just thinking what on Earth have I done to deserve it? Why do I have to get anxious about ridiculous things? Why does that have to keep me awake? Why it is that I manage to overcome this, I get a stupid cold, with a stupid cough that keeps me up instead? And why is it the minute I get rid of that I get cystitis instead?! I don't believe in God, but if he did exist, it's almost as if these things are being thrown at me, for fun, to see how I react.

All I want, is to go to bed next to the person I love, sleep, and to wake up there, in the morning feeling refreshed. Why is this so difficult for me? Seriously. I need a break.
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Re: Really? :(

Post by highlandcow »

Poor Liquidius :(

I guess we all go through moments like this one, and it always sucks. Have you been to talk to someone to help. Family members, friends, and the doctor for the cold/cystitis/depression?
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Bel Bel
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Re: Really? :(

Post by Bel Bel »

Hi Liquidis

If you are run down emotionally you are likely to get physical illnesses more.

Are you doing anything about the anxiety? Visting a cognitive therapist would be my first suggestion. If you cannot afford it then try ... R+WORRYING

Not to be confused with the comedien by the way.

I know a couple of people who have used Allan Carrs books and they are very highly recommended.

As for cystitis in general drink plenty of water, drink cranberry juice, buy cymalon sachets (not the chmeist own version or the juice). I tend to have to have two packets on the trot to get rid of mine. If after that it hasn't worked you should go to the doctors for stronger treatment. Keep some spare packs in the cupboard so if an attack starts you can slow it's progression so hopefully you have no late night attacks of agony.

Sorry if I am telling you things you already know about cystitis but be careful to wipe your bottom away from your lady bits as any tiny bit of poo can cause cystitis. God was so clever to put those two things next to each other :roll: . Also if you have had hard sex or weren't wet enough you could be getting bruised inside and this can also set off cystitis. Most likely it is the stress you are creating for yourself by worrying .

Hope you start to feel better
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Re: Really? :(

Post by retrochav »

What you describe isn't punishment, but stress.

Cystitis can be treated by antibiotics (trimethoprim is generally given) sugar free cranberry juice or capsules (stops bacteria sticking the bladder wall).

Insomnia is a tougher nut to crack. Treatment varies from warm milky drinks and lavender baths, to cognitive therapy as mentioned.

If you feel able, why not share more about what else troubles you, especially emotionally. Getting it on the page is often a great way of letting depression fade.
whatever your problem someone else has been there and bears the scars.
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