Serious Case Of Unreasonable Sulkiness

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Serious Case Of Unreasonable Sulkiness

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Am a bit embarassed to be sharing this but what the hell :)

Recently (the last...month? 6 weeks? Maybe more) Ive been relatively unhappy. Its not constant unhappiness exactly-for example, as I write this, I feel perfectly chipper-but its approximately daily that something will upset me to the point I turn into a pouting sulky mess and quite want to go hide away and wallow. It can be anything (eg: the other day I went jogging, realised I wasnt as fit as I thought and suddenly morphed into Emo Kid and was convinced that there was no point in anything, that Im clearly a big pile of uselessness, that Im wasting the planets resources, nobody loves me, everybody hates me, eat worms ect) which is really inconvenient because being irrationally, childishly sulky is actually somewhat incapacitating. Even for just an hour a day, its exhausting. I look a mess-my mother is frequently asking me if Im sick. Im not a "discuss feelings" kindof person but this means that I am increasingly disintergrating into a sulky child when Im with my partner. This bothers me because its not my partners fault and my partner in turn gets all worried that Im unhappy.

What feels like a kicker here is that Ive got no good reason to be a human misery cloud. Ive had no bad news or recent berevements. I have a sweet partner. I have an okay job and do a fair bit hobbywise outside work. I have adventures booked for within this year. Ive got basic money worries-who hasnt?-but Im not up to my eyeballs in debt or struggling to feed myself. Im far from georgeous but on the flip, Im healthy and youngish. I have approximately zero reason to be unhappy. So why am I all sulky? Arggghhhh. Could someone give me the online version of a slap and tell me to buck up? Ive tried doing so to myself but it hasnt really worked :s
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Re: Serious Case Of Unreasonable Sulkiness

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There could be something deeper going on like an unresolved issue that;'s trying to surface or maybe a hormonal problem. May be worth going to the doctors and getting a blood test just to check there isn't an underlying issue
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