Working with a mental person

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Working with a mental person

Postby Harmony1055 » Wed Nov 14, 2012 7:35 pm

My partner works for the emergency services and they provided us with a house to stay in as he works on call. About 5 months ago someone who worked at a different station was relocated to the station my partner works and was moved into the house right next door to us. I will explain why he moved stations later. We heard a few rumours about this person, that he had caused a lot of trouble in the past with other members of staff, but we did not really listen and we tried to make him very welcome to our neighbourhood. However, a month on, and I walked by him a few times as he walks his dogs and I smile and say hello and he drops his head to the ground and looks at me not in a nice way. I did not think much of it, and a few days later he knocks on my door while my husband is taking a shower. He is very angry and demands I move my car (from the space I always park it) as it is making his manoeuvre for his car difficult. He was very rude and I smiled and moved my car for him. As I walks back to house he does not thank me or anything. Then, 2 months on my husband is at work and I park my car outside station, I say hello to husband as he was working outside and all of a sudden the mental man who lives next door runs up to us both and asks my husband why he has been calling him names such as gay boy and pufter and laughing at him. My husband and I are shocked and confused and do not know what to say. It turned into a huge pointless argument and he kept calling my husband spineless. My hubby ran into the station and he followed after him, he held hubby against a wall and threatened him. This really upset me as my hubby nearly fought back and got the sack through him! We did not sleep for weeks wondering what in earth happened and why. Obviously my hubby did not call him those things and he never uses them type of words. Few weeks later the mental person reports my husband to the station manager said we keep banging on the walls in our house to aggravate him?!? And shouting 'pufter' at the top of our voices?!? This was just obsured to here. A lot of this has been going on, he has called my husband names and just last week he called me a slapper and hid in his house. The management said there is nothing they can do about this but we can't go on putting up with this and it's a nightmare living next door to him. What action could we take in order to show he has mental issues and he is trying to get my husband fired :-(
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Re: Working with a mental person

Postby Bel Bel » Mon Nov 19, 2012 4:59 pm

You need to start by keeping a diary of all incidents.
Then you need to contact citizes advice and they will tell you the best way to tackle this.
Ask the station about how is resposnsible for housing issues and talk to them too.
If you have things recorded it will help you should things go mental guys way.

Did you find out exactly why he left his last position? Do you have any proof he has done this before.

I am surprised that you don't need regular mental health checks to do this kind of job but that's nothing you can influence anyway.
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