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Getting Over attached to people far too quickly

Posted: Sun Jul 28, 2013 7:03 pm
by anonl
I met a lovely man while I was on holiday (he was from and lived in the place I was on holiday), we met first time at an event and got on well so went on a date two days later. During the date we slept with each other. We met up with each other the following two days of my holiday. We did not sleep together on these occasions but would hug/hold hands/kiss some of the time and generally get on well. On the evening of the final day I had to leave to go home as I live and work in a different country many miles away so we said our goodbyes. We have emailed three times but the correspondence has superficial and unflirtatious. However, I have initiated every correspondance, and he has returned my emails (sometimes very late on) implying that rightly so he has probably moved on with his life and forgotten about me as this was a very short occurence in both our lives. I have not seen this man for 18 days but I still cannot stop thinking about him and completely feel heartbroken that it has had to end and pretty much think about and obsess about him all the time. Obviously a long distance relationship would be impractical as the cost of the flights would be extortionate, and neither of us are especially wealthy. However, we have never discussed this. I feel really pathetic considering I only was involved with him for three days yet I still completely feel heartbroken and miss him so much. Is this normal?

Re: Getting Over attached to people far too quickly

Posted: Sun Jul 28, 2013 8:26 pm
by snail
Hi Anonl

It's best to post each problem you have only once, in one section - most members read all sections of the site so you won't actually get any more replies by repeating it. This way you will keep all your replies in the same place, and ecah person that replies can see what other people have already said.