What is his problem

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What is his problem

Post by SJC » Fri Apr 01, 2011 10:32 pm

Ok so I am still in school but in my last few months and I am friends with this girl (purely just friends,as she is not single) so I have some lessons together and we have a chat and some fun, and say I text and just say something like "Hey what you up to" and she is out with her boyfriend and I will get messages from him over facebook saying how I am trying to get with her and that I giver her certain looks. I wouldnt have a problem with him if he would just chill out and realise I am just being friendly by sending a text and that yes maybe i do say some stuff like hey your looking pritty sexy to day ;) and just play around but she never minds and she like to have a little innocent fun now and again but just today i have had a message saying back the **** off and stop looking at her as if you want to get with her. I never give those looks and have never thought about getting with her becasue yeah she is a great person but I wouldnt want a relationship with her. I there any thing i can do to make him realise this is just the case because it has come to the point I am getting as bad as him by senting messages back to provock him and annoy him and I dont want to make it sound or look as if ther is something going on because there really isnt and I am finding it extremely annoying!

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Re: What is his problem

Post by jen » Fri Apr 01, 2011 11:01 pm


Sorry i'm going to say something you probably don't wan to hear but..

Have you thought that she may be bothered by your behaviour/texts? If she wasn' then why would she be showing them to her boyfriend? Maybe she shows him them knowing that he will say something to you so that she doesn't have to?

I know she's your friend but i have to say, if one of my guy mates sent me a text saying i looked pretty sexy, it would freak me out and to be honest if my other half got a similar text from another girl i would not be happy at all.

I know you think you're just being friendly but maybe you should give her a bit of space.

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