Serious do I redeem myself?

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Serious do I redeem myself?

Postby sez » Sun Jul 04, 2010 2:57 pm

Last night, I made the worst decision morally of my life. I slept with my mates ex.. on my relatives sofa.. at a family party.. and the mate who's ex it was, was there too.. oh and the onwer of the house caught us. Now I'm not going to make excuses cus the way i see it, even though I was heavily drunk, I should've known better. I'm just wondering what the best way is to get this fixed?? I've had my 2nd cousin text me today saying their 2cents about what they think of me and what I did, so firstly I'm thinking of going and apologizing personally to the onwers of the house who organised the party. But as for my friends etc (especially my mate who's ex it was), they will have a hugely tainted view of me now.. well I presume they will. This is out of character for me, so I hope people can see that it was a very silly mistake, but can anyone who's been in this position before give me some advice on what my next steps should be? Anyone with any advice would be great, need all the help I can get on this one
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Re: Serious do I redeem myself?

Postby spacegirl » Sun Jul 04, 2010 4:51 pm

I think all you can do in this situtation is to hold your head high, say your apologies, and hope that your friend can see to forgive you. At least you're accepting what you did was wrong and not making any excuses and hopefully in time your friends and family will see that and leave it in the past. I think you're right in going to apologise to the owner, and apologise to your friend too before it all gets blown way out of proportion and they hear all this from mates. this puts you in a much better light and if you react in a negative way to comments it will just give gossip mongers fuel for their fire. i'm sorry i can't give anything more constructive but i think that's all you can do at the moment...
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Re: Serious do I redeem myself?

Postby retrochav » Mon Jul 05, 2010 9:51 pm

Theres no quick fix to this i grant you, but by taking responsibility and saying to the people whose home it is that you are sorry then you have done what you can.

It isnt anyone else's business really, is it? Your mate's ex is exactly that - an ex. If he wanted to sleep with every girl in town then thats his business - he no longer has committments to her and she doesnt to him either. You dont owe her anything in this sense either - if they were partners still then it would be different.

In time you will look back on this with a naughty giggle and see that its part of experiance of life. Theres no great shame in sleeping with a mates ex, theres a bit of a mistake in doing things in someones house, although getting caught is not ideal!

No real harm done here, no-one heart broken, just a bit of embarressment. Anyone giving you grief should ask if they have ever made errors of judgement before casting stones.
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