ex-partner trouble

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ex-partner trouble

Post by nicola » Wed Oct 29, 2003 12:31 pm

I am nineteen. I have two kids of my own. I have been with my partner (the father of my kids) for three years, but my partner is 22 and has a 4 year old daughter who lives with her mother. My partner has been to court to get access to his daughter, but his daughter's mother seems to make trouble every weekend that he picks her up.

lately his daughter has said that i shout at her when she is naughty, which is true because i dont believe that one should get away with being naughty and one should be told off. As a consiquence me, my partner, his daughter, and our two kids went two the supermarket by were her mother lives and his daughter was talking to a friend of her mother's.

the following weekend my partner went to pick his daughter up and was greeted with the fact of being told that her friend had told her that i had smacked their daughter. my partner belives that i didn't, but he told her that he thought it best if he didn't see his daughter because all he gets is hassle off his ex. Butnow i feel guilty being the cause of this and my partner doesn't know if he done the right thing or not.

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Post by Llisa » Wed Oct 29, 2003 12:55 pm

I think it was wise of your partner to ease of on the visitation rights that weekend. However, I don't think he should give up entirely wanting to see his daughter. He should sit down with his daughter's mother and explain to her that you did not in fact hit anyone and that you care about the children just as much as he does.
Try not too feel guilty about this. You are being used as a scapegoat right now for the mother and her friend, as a way of keeping your partner's daughter away from him. Apologize to your partner for any trouble that you may have caused and let him know that you support him in whatever decision he decides to make regarding his daughter.
I hope it all turns out well for
Will be keeping you in my prayers
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