Toddler tight foreskin?

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Toddler tight foreskin?

Post by Josie » Thu May 06, 2010 10:16 am

My son has just turned two, and he got a small infection in his penis recently, it wasn't that bad, and cleared up quickly, but the doc said he seemed to have a very tight foreskin and referred him to see a urologist and have it looked at. She said sometimes they end up needing circumcision or stretching :-s Myself and my partner have since done some research and we now believe that it is perfectly normal that he has a 'tight' foreskin at his age. I have read a lot about it and it says sometimes the foreskin is not even fully retractable until the late teens!!! So I am not worried about my son's foreskin. But I am worried the doc will think I am questioning her expertise (I suppose I am really!) and might insist he is seen by the urologist. I don't want my son interefered with unless it is absolutely necessary, and I don't like the way doctors sometimes just jump in and recommend intervention willy-nilly, so to speak :roll: .....
Anyway, really my question is, isn't it normal for boys to have tight foreskins at such a young age, seeing as the foreskin is 'fused' still to the glans? Your thoughts?

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Re: Toddler tight foreskin?

Post by Bel Bel » Thu May 06, 2010 4:42 pm

Trust me I know several people who have had to have circumcision at a late age, including my husband, and have the skin streaching, my nephew and also know guys that have left it and it is not a good option to leave it
These people train to be a specialist for a reason. Reading on the internet can be very dangerous way to get information and they haven't seen your son or his condition and it's variables.
My husband didn't have circumcision until he was about 9 and it really was a terrible trauma for him at that age. It is cleaner to be circumcised so I wouldn't worry about it as a procedure at all.
My nephew had to have the stretching at age 11 and again it was a bit traumatic for him but nothing like a circumcision. By the way it worked fantastically
The people I know who haven't had either op have problems with their sex lives and also cleaning it.
I would do what the neurologist suggest and don't be afraid to ask why she thinks a certain procedure will be good for your son so she can explain in more detail
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