mum lying to every 1 about me i cant cope any more

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mum lying to every 1 about me i cant cope any more

Post by saramidnite » Thu Apr 28, 2011 1:26 pm


my mum had 3 daughters
me and my middle sister have the same dad
my mum left my dad for her lastest husband which she admiited to me but denies she told me this
she admit she never wanted kids she had them to make her men happy

both my dad and step dad are abusive men
they did hurt my mum but she in turn told them to hurt me instead of her which they did
me and my middle sister have been let down badly by her

my baby sister who i rasied whenshe was baby is now not allowed to talk to me as i cut my mum out of my life due to the lying and bullying got to much. i ran away 8years ago and since moved home and met a lovely man i live with

my baby sister was so sweet till my mum and step dad raise her
they tell her off if she tell people what her dad does to her mum
she then follows there example by being horrible to others

she recently visit my nan and was very horrilbe, she hid my nans things and told her poeple dont want to visit her and well was very rude and almost violent in front of my 9year child
my sister is now 13 and unruley
i still love her but was very hurt by what she did to my nan as i see my nan as my mum

i am not allowed to speak to my sister, my mother denies telling her she can speak to me.
i admit i wrote on a social site i was unhappy becasue some i loved was hurt by some one else and that they should aploygise,
i never wrote a name as i think it would be wrong to name them
i hoped my sister would say sorry to my nan as my nan has now cut her out of her life due to her behaviour and there is no way i could talk to her as i dont have her new addresss or phone number or my mums

my mum then twisted my words, said i was worest and i stole from shops and people. i never did. my other sister stole from shops. my stepdad planted his cigs in my bag to frame me and my mum believed him.
my mum is also angry a guy i was once friends with called the police as my stepdad threated him a thing my stepdad does reguallary to people for any reason he can think of. he refuses to work says he got a bad back yet he jumping around playing wii games

to cut a long story short she wrote to my cousin and my uncle on the social site saying i did bad things worest then my sister.
my cousin and uncle know it not ture but it so hurtfull, she then told every 1 i was talking about my sis, i didnt want her named other wise i would of done so myself. i feel awlful my mum has now phoned my nan and had ago at her, all i wanted was my sister to say sorry to my nan as my nan was crying and told my sister she never wanted to see her again, i wanted peace not this mess.
my baby sister now believes i hate her as my mum wrote that on my uncle social site.

i dont i love her so much i really worry about her. i which to some extent i stay despite the abuse i got from her parents, because she may still be the sweet the girl i raised, but i couldnt stay after what they put me through, i feel i let her down and i am so depressed

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Re: mum lying to every 1 about me i cant cope any more

Post by Bel Bel » Thu Apr 28, 2011 3:13 pm

There are some things in life you cannot control and can never change or influence.
This is one of those situations. All you can do is hope in time your sister, like you, will want no part of this and will come to you at that time and you can start a new relationship
My best advice is keep out of there way and don't even respond to anything on facebook. Don't stoop to their level.
I know it's hard but your sister isn't the same girl she was but maybe in time she will be that girl again
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Re: mum lying to every 1 about me i cant cope any more

Post by saramidnite » Fri Apr 29, 2011 6:57 pm

thank you
i do even at 13years old of age see her as the baby i raised for my mum, it so hard knowing she was so horrible to my nan,
i have blocked my mum on the site to stop her contacting me as she keep sending me vile messages.
i wish i knew why she hates me so much and wants to hurt me and lie to others about me
i would understand if i was horrible

all i ever wanted for for her to love me,
she never even hugged me as a child i only realised as i always hug my parther when i am sad
and i wondered why then i realise my mum never hugged me, she even admitted it she never did
it bothers me a bit

i have accepted my parents are different and think being voilent to others and the children are acceptable
my mum acts like she is a victim and it every 1 elses fault
i wish she could just realise the nightmare she has put her children through and hope one day she shall change but i know in my heart she never will
is it silly to want your parents to love you when you know they never will
they just see you as a mental and physcal punch bag when it suits them

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Re: mum lying to every 1 about me i cant cope any more

Post by brendo » Fri May 06, 2011 11:40 am


I agree with Bel Bel on this one. As difficult as it is to accept, there is only one person any of us can control and change and that's ourselves. Your sister is going through a rough time of it at home and she's acting out a lot at the moment. Despite what your Mum is telling her, there's no way you can know what's she's thinking and feeling inside. She's trying to make sense of her world like any teenager but her home life is far from perfect. You did what you had to - you got away and started a better life for yourself outside of your childhood home. One day your sister will do the same and then maybe you will get a chance to mend things and rebuild some bridges.

As for Facebook, please try and ignore it. Its very easy to type any old tripe on that cursed website! Also, it's only natural for you to want your parents to love you unconditionally but I think you recognise that in your case this isn't likely. Its not easy for you, but now you have the chance to pass on the unconditional love you never had to your own child. Its best to keep your distance from all these issues and to try and shelter your own child from all this as much as possible. You can't fix this situation, you can only make a better life for your new family. Give your sister and mother a wide berth for now and reach out to your sister again when the opportunity arises. And please, please, please don't put any of these issues or your feelings about them up on Facebook - buy a diary and write in it if it helps but don't use Facebook to vent.
“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” -Albert Einstein

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