The In-Laws

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The In-Laws

Post by LemonJuice87 » Sat Jun 05, 2010 2:32 pm

Hi guys!

Going straight to the point, Mr. LemonJuices family are really begining to get on my last nerve! As some of you may know me and Mr. LJ have been struggling money wise since about October (THANKFULLY we are know starting to get back on track). We cut out nearly everything, we didnt had a night out together since September last year. We hardly bought clothes or anything like that and scraped together what we could to pay bills.

My Family have been incredible during this time. My Mum even bought bought us a holiday in February. My Nan, Mum and Step Dad have lent us quite a bit of money over the last 6 months or so (Which is now all paid back). Basically my family have bailed us out of what could of been a disastrous time.

Mr. LJ's family on the other hand....... His sister wouldnt lend us her car for a couple of hours while we did some errands (We didnt have our car at the time), her reasoning was that she thought Mr. LJ's driving was erractic and would crash her car. But she was fine with giving it to her other brother so he can drive to the pub drink 10 pints then drive her car home. No logic in that what so ever when Mr. LJ would of had a child in the car and would of drove safely. His brother owed him money for work they did together just before Christmas, he's only just got the money for it.
His DAD! My god, his Dad owes him ALOT of money for work Mr. LJ did and everytime he asks about it he gets a "I dont owe you ANYTHING!!!"
His Dad will come round our house and if I have the heating on he will make sly comments about it. If I havnt had chance to tidy up he will tell me its a mess and that I should be tidying or cooking instead of sitting on my bum. And god help me if me and my daughter dare to have a PJ day. I get told im lazy.

His family has quite a bit of money between them and didnt even offer to help us out once! But if they wanted something off Mr. LJ, he was saft enough to do it. He says the way his family are doesnt bother him as its been like that since he was 12. But it bothers me that they make him out to be the black sheep.

There is so much more that bothers me but I would be here forever. I just dont know what to do. They are getting on my last nerve and Mr. LJ doesnt care enough to say something. He's never in the room when his Dad is commenting on my parenting skills or my cleanliness skills.

I just dont know.
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Re: The In-Laws

Post by Bel Bel » Mon Jun 07, 2010 1:05 pm

If mr lj doesn't wnat to make an issue of it you have to respect that

Learn to let their comments go over your head, they are not people yopu have respect for anyway so take any comments with a pinch of salt
They are not worth getting angry over
I know it's easier said than done but it will be better for you and your daughter in the long run

Next time the dad makes a comment wait for MR LJ to come back in the room and say your dad was just saying "WE" don't clean enough. If you keep doing this I bet he will soon stop
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