young brother and sister

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young brother and sister

Postby msnaddict » Thu Dec 10, 2009 7:05 pm

my brother is only 7 and my sis 10 but they are always freezing me outs its been happening for a couple of years. they are both really childish and love playing with little figures my sis even moved out my room because she said she didn't like sleeping in a room with me. We don't talk often and when we do she just accuses me of random things like hiding her figures if shes lost then and my brother constantly says he hates me and he even wrote on his christmas list for me to die . they both keep telling mum things i have done to them when i havn't done a thing and she always takes there side its really getting to me now and a while ago i stayed at my friends for four days to get away. I am always on my own and there usually outside laughing their heads of and i feel so left out any advice please :(
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Re: young brother and sister

Postby everloney » Thu Dec 10, 2009 8:03 pm

How old are you? I sorry this is happening i don't think i can give much advise because i get along with my siblings pretty well. You should try talking to your mum, and then maybe talking to your siblings but seperately, like take your brother aside and say, hey you wana get icecream? then just try talking to him and say, you know your my brother and i love you, but what you and my sister do to me really hurts. I just wondered why you hate me so much? Hopefully the icecream and being away from the sister will soften him up and he will think about it, maybe even say sorry?. Then do the same with your sister. I think you have to try reaching out to them and trying to make them understand what they do hurts. They may just think its a game.

With my siblings if theres a problem i try to talk to them when things are calmed down and try to explain why what they did upset me. My sister deals with my brother by yelling and this doesn't work as well i dont think.
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Re: young brother and sister

Postby snail » Fri Dec 11, 2009 5:54 am

Try not to feel too upset about what your brother wrote; brothers and sisters often say very cruel things to each other but they don't really mean them. It sounds like your brother and sister are quite close in age and like the same things, so they tend to stick together. As you get older you'll probably find this will change, and at some point you'll probably find you and your sister become close, and your brother is left out, or maybe it will be you and your brother who get close, and your sister who is left out.

I would ignore them as best you can, and concentrate on spending time and having fun with friends. Remember there are lots of people who wish their brothers and sisters would leave them alone and would stay out of their room! I would also have a word with your mum about all of this, without getting upset or angry if you can, and just let her know how much it bothers you. She might have some ideas to help.
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Re: young brother and sister

Postby epfenglish » Wed Mar 09, 2011 10:08 pm

I’m eighteen and I have two little brothers. One is thirteen and the other one is eleven. I know exactly how you feel. In deed each day I’m accused of many things as : “Why is it always us who do everything and never Bertrand?” or my favorite “Do you know that Bertrand spends his time on Facebook instead of doing his homework, studying?”… Of course at first you think that being the tough guy could solve the problem. So you start by threatening them, gently at the beginning, but of course they want more… So you get tougher and tougher, you hit harder and harder. But the only thing that you get is the accusation of being really rude by your mum or dad. Then you get punished or you clash with your parents or both. Trust me there isn’t any solution to your problem. You will have to keep your coolness. They bother you? Okay no problem I can be cool… After all they’re only children… They’re a bit stupid; they want to show themselves that they can compete with an older person and win. But one day (and that happened to me), you will start laughing with one of them. For an unknown reason you will have fun with one of them by (for example) making fun of your mum or other people. I didn’t say it will happen one day just by magic. It will be progressive, and you will get so well with them that you will miss the time of when you were quarrelling with them every single day.
In the meantime, good luck!
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