Any union reps available to answer this? ?

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Any union reps available to answer this? ?

Postby allkinda » Sat Feb 01, 2014 9:56 am

My girlfriend is having terrible problems at work. She started work at a new place 3 months ago..... since she started her workload has increased dramatically and she was coming home stressed. To cut a long story short she wrote her employer an email saying she was stressed and was having problems. Her employer has taken this the wrong way and is now out to "get her " Fortunately she's a member of the GMB union..... she's been told there's a meeting next week so she's arranged for a union rep to be present. Her employer is saying that she must disclose the full details of the Union member before any meeting takes place. Can they do this? Is this legal ?
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Re: Any union reps available to answer this? ?

Postby ILoveChristmas » Mon Feb 03, 2014 12:29 pm

On the face of it the situation appears to be one that's progressed beyond the intentions of anyone involved. Has your girlfriend been able to talk to her boss, or whoever the recipient of the email was, and made an attempt to clear the situation up? If she has, what was the response? If she hasn't, I'd suggest that as a first port of call before she attempts to involve the union. I've always felt email isn't a great method of expressing personal views or issues because they're so easily misinterpreted. That's possibly what's happened here. I'd suggest only taking a more 'official' route, e.g. the union, if more private and less confrontational means fail.

When your girlfriend became a member of the union she should have been given details of her representative and details of the union's legal representative. If she has to go down the union route and if she hasn't been given those details I would suggest getting in touch with the union and asking to speak to someone who can advise on the issue she's currently having. There should be someone available to speak to during business hours and if the query is related to a legal matter they should be able to arrange a call with someone who is able to advise.

If your girlfriend's employer is making statements about what your girlfriend must and must not do I would seek clarification from her own union before giving any details. She'll want to work from a position of knowledge by knowing what she should and shouldn't say.

GMB regional office details:
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