Credit card payments

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Credit card payments

Post by SillyMistakes » Fri Oct 02, 2015 1:39 pm

I've been rather stupid. I found this website that explained how to win money gambling online, so I tried it out, it went well... until it didn't. Basically I acted like an idiot and put more money into it than I could handle after the first go. Now I've lost it all; I wont have any money this month to spend on myself, which is my fault so I suppose I have to deal with it, what I'm worried about is my credit card payments, I still have 125 on one credit card, could I pay my minimum payments on the other two with this? I cant find the option on my online banking. If not, I have to phone up 3 credit card companies and tell them I cant afford to pay them this month... is this going to get me in a lot of trouble? I can pay them every other month, I'm just scared that if I tell all three of them I'll get into serious trouble... and my last question, Im paying off a laptop, this month's payment is 135, should I try to pay them that on the credit card or tell them I cant afford it? I don't want to lose my laptop, I'm already thinking of selling my tablets, I just don't know how to do it without getting ebay or something.

Oh, and I understand there're gunna be some "this will teach you for gambling online" comments... I just thought I'd assure you, I've avoided the topic in this post because I knew I'd get too emotional and self-loathing to get any actual help. I know I was a complete dumbass, and I've tortured myself over it enough already.

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Re: Credit card payments

Post by Bel Bel » Fri Oct 02, 2015 2:34 pm

Ok so you need to find out if you have the option to do balances transfer or money transfers

You don't have to justify what your spending the money for

If you have a balance transfer you can pay off one by balance transferring to the other
If you have a money transfer then you can transfer money to your bank and pay it all off from your bank

Be careful to check which has the biggest handling charge and which has the biggest interest rate

Alternatively whilst your credit is still, good you can apply for another card. Get one with a long 0% balance transfer rate and transfer all the money from the other cards (if possible ) so you are no longer paying any interest. oNce that balance transfer rate runs out and the standard % apr kicks in you apply for another card and transfer the balance again. (you will pay a fee but it's cheaper than paying the interest each month if you add it up over a year.

You can shut cards once paid off if they aren't good deals but generally you'll find they will offer you a deal within a month of having a zero balance and they see you aren't suing the card

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