what should i do about this girl ?

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what should i do about this girl ?

Postby imnotheone1990 » Sat Jan 27, 2018 3:26 pm

I met this girl at work that i like very much but i heard she had a boyfriend but wasnt sure . So i went to talk to her and asked her if she is single and she said yes but he has been working in another town for about 6 months and has to keep working there for another year until he comes home for good and she said that they dont get along very well and he didnt even wanna spend the holidays with her
he was talking with another coworker for 4 months now and i asked her if there is anything between them and she said no they just hang out because they live close to eachother .Anyway we kept talking but life stuff nothing special and after 4 days she texts me if i wanna meet with her and i said "yeah sure where do u wanna go ? "and she said well lets just stay in my car and talk " and i thought that was weird considering that it was 10.30 PM anyway we met and we talked about more personal stuff for about 4 hours . After 5 days i went to her house and we watched a movie we cuddled we laughed it was great but things got a little physical , she got on top of me i started massaging her back from under her shirt while kissing her neck and i wanted to go with my hand down her panties and she said no so i kept my hands from the waist up . After i left her place 10 min later she texted me and said that she said that she want to act like it never happened and i said "yeah no problem "
It was weird because even when i was at her place she was texting with the other coworker and i asked her "are u sure that there is nothing between you too? " and she said "dont worry about it we just talk and hangout sometimes my boyfriend is away for so long and i feel the need to leave the house but there is nothing between us "
well the next day she found out that i asked a friend from work an advice if i should see her considering she has a boyfriend and she got upset she said that she doesnt wanna talk to me anymore yet after 2 days she started texting me again and sending me pictures of her ( normal ones not naked ) and i asked if she wants to meet again and she said "no because things might get physical again and we might end up having sex and i dont wanna go there " but my friend told me that he thinks she doesnt wanna see me anymore because she might be with this other coworker and that i should forget about her because she is a cheater . I dont know what to do its been 2 weeks since we talked we say "hi"at work but thats it
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Re: what should i do about this girl ?

Postby Tarantula » Sun Jan 28, 2018 1:23 pm

Listen to your friend.
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Re: what should i do about this girl ?

Postby stephie2 » Mon Jan 29, 2018 12:12 pm

Steer clear. She has a boyfriend so don't go there. It really isn't worth it.

Find a single girl to spend your time with.
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