Partner been using young escorts

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Partner been using young escorts

Postby HeartGirl15 » Mon Sep 11, 2017 8:22 pm

My partner is 70 me 40. We had a great relationship especially physical. Things broke down abit and we had a little break as my partner seemed distant. I've found out he has been seeing a local 25 yr escort who is stunning I won't lie and now my partner is very happy and wants no relationship with me. My world feels like it's collapsed and I'm devastated. Could do with some support, words advice as feel broken.
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Just Landed
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Re: Partner been using young escorts

Postby Emma3ee » Tue Sep 12, 2017 12:44 pm

Hello there!!!

This must be such a hard time for you!, I obviously don't know all the details and ins and outs of the situation and the relationship but I will try my best to give you some reassurance. I'm assuming you're a woman given the username, apologizes if incorrect. I bet you're a beautiful, wonderful, lovely, kind and caring woman that any man would be lucky to have and be in a relationship with. I know you're hurting right now, and things will get better. If he wants to be with the young escort, which to mention it is probably her job to give companionship to people including your partner and gets paid for it, then let him. I'm assuming that it wasn't just a physical relationship and it was also emotional, and I can understand how you'd be extremely upset and devastated to find your partner suddenly doing these things with a younger woman. I believe you're an amazing individual, who can make someone very happy one day and will love you for you and who you truly are. I'm always cautious around relationship breaks, as it usually ends up causing more problems and one of the partners feel differently from the break and is all of a sudden not interested anymore. I don't think all relationship breaks are like this depending on the two partners and the bond between them and the situation there in, but a lot of breaks end up meaning something isn't right in the relationship and things need a change. If he doesn't want to progress things with you, I think he's very naive and gullible to not want to continue things with you and carry on seeing the young escort, I mean It's her job nothing more will come of it, if he thinks he can win her heart he needs to wake up and smell the fresh air and stop living in a dream. I imagine you're a sweet and loving girl, I really do and that's why I know you'll find someone who will accept you and love you for who you are, regardless of age. I understand things are hard and you're really struggling with this sudden situation, but I know things will get better after some time and self healing. I hope this information has given you some kind of hope and reassurance and made things even a little better. I know I'm just a stranger, but that's the best things about forums. You're not alone! We're here to help you through things and answer your questions/problems. If you'd like to talk more about the situation more delicately, you can PM me and I'd be more than happy to listen and be a helping hand for you :)
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Re: Partner been using young escorts

Postby Fallen one » Tue Sep 12, 2017 12:53 pm

Sounds like is going through a life crisis, at his age and slightly younger look for younger things fast cars, young women a bit of danger and some young fun. I am male, I have used escorts a couple of time and to be blunt about it, the experience is massively over rated compared to a loving caring real life partner. Just wait for it, after a couple of fake steamy hours he will get bored with it and either come crawling back or chase an experience you can only have once in that area of escorts. Wish I had a loving caring partner like you, who is not hyper angry but wishes well despite feeling lost and hurt. Keep in there if he wants to waste your loving talents, the close relationship including physical which lets be honest is all he is getting from the escort no love just fake role play. Its tough I know, but be assured you have given the best and that is all you can do. Hugs x
Fallen one
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