His annoying ex girlfriend....

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His annoying ex girlfriend....

Post by thesmallprint » Tue Dec 27, 2016 11:59 pm

Hi there.

I've been with my boyfriend for around 3 years now but about 2 years before us he was with another girl for 3 years. She herself is in a new relationship but when we first got together she would try and tweet him things like inside jokes between them i'm sure to lemonade me off.... anyway they dont contact eachother or have access to eachother on social media anymore through my boyfriends choice as he says he hates her and makes him feel sick.

Last week she was in the same bar as us with her boyfriend and practically broke her neck to take a look at me/us as she walked past. Later in the night me and my boyfriend were sitting down having a chat and she decided to stand literally 2 feet in front of us with her boyfriend as if to make a point. It couldnt have been an accident as there was plenty of space but it was as if she was trying to say 'look what you used to have'. We decided not to pay attention to them as it would annoy her more probably and then we noticed she was arguing with her fella all night.

We have mutual friends so we bump into her from time to time and she tends to think she is all that and try and stare us out or make us feel uncomfortable. Admittedly she is better looking than me but i know i'm a better person but it still makes me feel rubbish even though i keep my head held high and ignore her.

I can't explain why this is making me feel so angry as it is so petty but i think it is annoying me because she thinks they must have been a big thing and even after all this time she is still trying to get one over on him so must still have feelings.

I dont suppose anyone has any similar experiences or any advice or comforting words that might help me?


Re: His annoying ex girlfriend....

Post by Celebritydiscodave » Wed Dec 28, 2016 11:22 am

I just think it`s normal, both normal and understandable, especially if she cannot get on with her current boyfriend. Try making a friend of her, if this is not a hopeless mission? She did have a relationship with your boyfriend, this is a lot to have in common, and all relationships where at least one party was genuine, past and present, should be considered as highly significant. If she is suffering do n`t deliberately add to it. You might find yourself in the same position eventually. It is a pity that he hates her. When tested does he show you adequate compassion? One caution though, you might not need it, whilst I do believe that for most people there is a clear perceptual divergence between hate and hurt, it must be very tempting to replace hurt with hate under those circumstances of a third party, one might even subconsciously confuse.

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