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Please read I need help to decide if I'm in the wrong ?

Posted: Mon Jul 18, 2016 5:19 pm
by spacewolf
I met my girlfriend in the summer of 2014 we dated for a few months and in that time she mentioned several times how she didn't sleep around like all the other women! Due to her being emotionally closed off , I assumed she didn't like me , we only slept together once , I finished it in the November 2014 , I couldn't stop thinking of her so at the start of January 2015 I made contact again , she was immediately engaging with contact via phone and text , we started to date again , I confessed that in the time we were not seeing eachother I dated a couple of women but had nothing to connect with so didn't persue it , she then mentioned she had been dating a guy but he wasn't local so I didn't know him , we carried on and everything was fantastic as she started to let her guard down !
In April 2015 we were outside her house and the guy across the road waved at her whilst she was in my car , I immediately sensed something was wrong with her so asked what was wrong , her reply was "that's the guy I was seeing " I said that I thought he wasn't local , she replied she didn't want to tell me because I may have finished so lied for 5 mths instead ?

She then said they slept together 5 times in a month ( we had slept once in 2 mths ) and that as soon as I made contact she ended with him ... :-/ now I have this fear of him being so close that it may start again or that there was something other than her trying to get me out of her head by sleeping with him ? Please help me work this out , she said he ment nothing but slept with him more than me and in a short space of time , when I made contact again she said she shut him down ..? Confused and hurt she lied and question what they had there ? What should I do ? I love her but don't know if she is lying and is more out there with men than she let's on ?

Re: Please read I need help to decide if I'm in the wrong ?

Posted: Tue Jul 19, 2016 6:28 am
by David020549
She lied, and she doesn't care.
You know she lies, you will never be sure wether she is telling the truth.
Forget her and find another girl, there is no future for a relationship without trust

Re: Please read I need help to decide if I'm in the wrong ?

Posted: Tue Jul 19, 2016 11:37 am
by Mrconfused74
So you weren't together and she slept with another guy, and you had 'dated' other women, did anything happen with them? If so did you tell her? Whether this guy lived miles away or across the road, should make no difference, she may well have lied but cut contact with him soon as you asked her out again. It's natural to get concerned but she may well have not wanted to say as she knew how you'd react. If things are great with her, then why let this get in the way? If it's going to play on your mind all the time then this will just drive a wedge between you. You were both single, so it wasn't like you were cheating, and after all you finished it with her.

Re: Please read I need help to decide if I'm in the wrong ?

Posted: Tue Jul 19, 2016 12:19 pm
by Tarantula
She shouldn't have lied, and she should be nothing but apologetic about it.

But, she cut it off with him as soon as you showed up. She's obviously more into you than the other guy.

Unless she's lying about that too and it was actually HIM who did the dumping, not her.

Anyway, I'm not sure what your point is with this 'counting how many times she slept with each of you' thing. In my experience, you don't really keep count... you're either sexually active with someone or not. It's not a competition and investment doesn't increase for each time we sleep with someone.