This is ABUSE.

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This is ABUSE.

Postby fallenstarxx » Wed Aug 31, 2011 3:36 pm

I recently seen the abuse adverts on the tv again for relationship abuse so I had a look at the website...This is something I feel so strongly about now as in my previous relationship I walked away from mental & physical abuse. (have a look at the video clips can you relate to this?)
I think it's also important to say that abuse can happen to male or females in a relationship too.
Looking back and reading this site made me realise just how much I could actually relate to, a year on from walking away from the abuse I suffered it still affects me, but I'm putting this here because I feel so many people out there are just dealing with the suffering. The hardest part is taking that step and leaving that abusive person, believe me it gets easier. I really would hate to think of anyone going through what I did or worse?

One year on from my horrible relationship I'm not needing to justify why I have my male friends, i'm getting my confidence back, I realise I'm not a s*ut or a type of girl who is likely to cheat, I'm generous, I'm fun not miserable, I don't need to justify my every move or text back as soon as i get texted, I'm not common, I spend my money on things because I want to and worked hard for it, I'm not covering up things from my friends. I'm ME again, the fun loving happy girl who I was previous to all that hurt. I have achieved so so much and I did most of that on my own. I'm doing well at University, have lots of friends old and new, I go shopping, I go partying, I have my 2 jobs, i have my lovely new flat, i passed my driving test and i'm gonna travel when i finish uni :) everything i would never have done with that arrogant controling pig by my side putting me down. Please have faith in yourself you can feel this way too.

Have a think about it.. You are strong you can do it...I really hope this post makes people have a real look at themself xxx
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