i really like her

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i really like her

Postby funky diva » Mon Mar 12, 2012 2:29 pm

Hello :)
I'm a 28 year old female who is married to a lovely man and I have 2 gorgeous kids but I have a huge problem. This is where I hope you guys can help me!
About 6 years ago, a woman opened up her new buisness in our town and I have been going in there every week for a drink. When she first opened, I was fine but after a couple of months, I started getting feelings for her. I tried very hard to shrug it off but my feelings have been becoming more towards her and less for my husband :( . I started to dream about her and now I can't stop thinking about her. I REALLY like her now. I have done work for her and have been on days out with her outside of work which have been amazing. It does help knowing that she is gay herself and this may sound silly but I thought she may like me too as when we have been out, she has insisted on paying for everything for me even though I've offered. Communications between us has pretty much stopped now but we still see each other and I think her partner watches her every move and I think at 1 point her partner was jealous of me (even though she had no idea i liked her partner). When we were out, her phone kept going off as her partner kept texting her. She has told her partner many times that she does not want to be with her anymore but she insists they can work it out. She has also said that it has got to a point where she wont care if she cheats on her anyway now. I really want to tell this woman how i feel but not quite sure how to go about it as it could ruin a friendship as well as a family. I hope someone can help me as I feel so confused right now :(

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Re: i really like her

Postby snail » Wed Mar 14, 2012 12:09 pm

What is it that you hope will happen if you tell her? Are you hoping that you and she will end up as a couple? Do you want to leave your husband? If you don't want to get together with her, then I wouldn't say anything - it won't achieve anything and could damage her relationship and yours.

I think you may well be right that she likes you too, but that doesn't necessarily mean that she will leave her partner. But if you're hoping for that outcome, then it sounds as though you no longer have any love left for your husband. If so, deciding what to do about that - marital counselling, splitting up - is a separate issue from this woman really.
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Re: i really like her

Postby Elphaba_Thropp » Tue Apr 02, 2013 10:07 pm

Hi there :)

Can you see yourself living a life with a woman? I think that you are right from what you have told us, she has feelings towards you, which is lovely, but I think you BOTH need to talk things out. People may shoot me down here, but I figure you only get to live life once. I took the risk of telling everyone I was gay after being with a man for more than two years, and I have never been happier nor more comfortable with myself. And, if anything, I encourage people to be true to their sexuality, regardless of their situation, because ultimately, you will be happier nd be able to achieve more with your current life and family by being true to yourself! Xxx
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