Groin Pain and other symptoms

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Groin Pain and other symptoms

Post by u_l_g » Mon Jun 27, 2011 5:18 pm

For about a year now I've been getting a pain in my groin on the right hand side. It comes and goes and never seems to get either better or worse but is like a constant dull ache when it is there. I notice it more when I'm sitting still and less when I'm busy and active. The pain tends to radiate down my legs as far as my feet sometimes. Also, now and then I'll get a sharp cramp in the same place if I move too quickly but this is rare - like maybe 2 times a month.

I also have had other symptoms on and off over the year. For a while i had irregular periods and bleeding and pain during sex but this stopped. I also have a creamy white discharge sometimes a bit like thrush (but no itching) - although I do occasionally suffer from thrush too.

I have been to the doctor 3 times about this now. The first time I had all those symptoms - they took swabs (a year ago) and even said it visually looked like an infection but none showed up on the test results, then the symptoms died off. The second time I had developed all the symptoms again (6 months ago) I never even had the swabs taken because the nurse couldn't do the test as I was too tense. But she seemed to think it might be more down to stress (i'll come to that point again in a minute.) and again the symptoms died off. The third time was today - I've not been having any symptoms other then the pain and discharge but am worried that it has been going on for so long so have decided to try to get more from the doctors.

Another problem I think I may have been suffering from is stress and depression. I've had a pretty horrible year. My partner left me out of the blue over a year ago - I lost my home and had to move back to my parents where I'm not happy. I lost my job at the same time and been incredibly finicially unstable since then. Twice this year Ive found work - got my own place - then lost my job and had to move home again. I even started a business but ended up getting conned out of money. I've had a few boyfriends that have treat me really badly and made things worse. I've had a terrible row with my father that upsets me all the time. I've been very depressed at times - crying all the time - really unhappy with life. But I've had really happy periods too where I've felt great. Last summer I lost three stone (I was overweight) through diet and excercise, but this winter I've put it all back on (through diet and lack of excersise)

another problem i had was when i was doing my last job - which lasted 3 months - i had to move away from home and it was really hard emotionally. I was unusually tired and dizzy all the time and even had to take time off work. I saw the the doctor about this who tested for thyroid, low iron and coelic disease - all fine. I did tell them about my low mood but didnt show signs of major depression on their mood questionnaire.

I suppose I'm posting here because I need to tell someone about all this as I'm worrying about it constantly and have no-one I can talk to about it. I'm worried that all the problems I've described are all linked somehow. My mind is racing on all the potatial things that could be wrong with me. These are the things that I worry about all the symptoms could mean I have:

1. Sexually transmitted diseaese or infection - even though they never find anything. I have had a lot of sexual partners and had unprotected sex with some of those so it is possible. Or maybe I've had an infection that gone away and now have PID which I dont know if would show in these tests. Maybe Ive had all this and its gone away with just a scarring/pain left behind that'll never be able to be fixed?

2. Anything that could mean infertility - scarring from infections as ablove, or ovarian cysts or something in that family - I really want to have children and if there was anything wrong I'd be so devastated. This would send me into a depression I just would not get out of. My sister had a problem with her ovaries - but she has had two kids easily. And i know a symptom of these can be depression.

3. Depression - Maybe my depression is so bad its actually causing all the other symptoms because I know I've had unprotected sex I worry about that and take the worry too far? when its got really bad it may have effected my periods or caused the excessive tiredness?

I dont expect anyone can help too much really, and I'm probably doing the best I can by continuing to see the doctors. I look on internet sites but reading up on potential medical problems only makes it worse! I need to see test results really. But I'm just worried in the mean time and wonder if anyone has any thoughts (reassuring ones prefered lol!) on all of this. Things have been lookin up for me a bit lately. I'm gettin on better with my family - I've moved back to my home town where i feel happier - and amazingly I've just fallen madly in love with a really special man who is really good to me and fills me with hope that things will get so much better for me. I still have no job but I do have an interview coming up for a job I really want. I'm so scared that this problem will make it all come crashing down again - even if its just because of my worrying about it. I want to be fit and healthy and confident for my new man and hopefully new job and today i feel like the worry is getting inthe way of this - what if i can't have the confidence to perform in my interview due to the worrying? What if something is wrong that i cant have children so my boyfriend leaves me, or just resents me? Despite my feelings for him, I'm holding off on sleeping with him until I know it not an STD at least but also because I'm scared it might start hurting again and just because getting that close to someone with all this looming and also putting my heart at risk again is a bit overwhelming. He is of course - despite really wanting to take things further - being so respectful that I just fall more in love with him (ive not told him any of these problems - he makes me so happy when i'm with him and I dont want to talk about these things with him so soon and put him off!)

thank you if you've made it to the end of this long post - I've got a lot on my mind! Any thoughts at all appreciated....

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Re: Groin Pain and other symptoms

Post by snail » Thu Jun 30, 2011 10:35 am

Sorry to hear you've had such a difficult year, u_l_g. In my experience, stress can cause all manner of strange bodily symptoms - there's almost nothing it can't cause! If they've tested you for STDs and you're negative, then I would be content with that diagnosis and would go ahead and sleep with your boyfriend, if you want to. Even if what you do have is a physical problem, it sounds like it isn't anything contagious - things like period problems or cystitis or even thrush can cause pain and discharge and aren't infectious.

If you're worried about PID, ask a doctor again; I don't think you could have had chlamydia, even in the past, and not have it show up on a test, but I don't know for certain. But even if there is a problem, it doesn't mean it's anything serious or you'll have problems conceiving. That's really not likely, so I wouldn't worry about it now.
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