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Avatar Guidelines

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Quick summary for those using their own image...
Pixel size - no more than 120x120 px
File size - no more than 10000 bytes.
Image hosting - try Photo Bucket
Hotlinking - make sure the other site allows it

Any images that do not fit within these guidelines will be removed without warning or explanation.

Longer Explanation...

What is an avatar?
It is the image that you can use to represent yourself in the forums. It shows up underneath your name.

Where do I get one?
If you are handy with digital imaging you can create your own. If not you can find many good avatar images online. You must check with the original owner of the image that they are happy for you to use it - otherwise you could fall foul of copyright laws. Also, its just plain rude to pinch an image without asking!

How do I make it appear on ProblemPages?
First of all, go to edit your profile. There are two ways of setting an avatar...
1) Gallery Avatars - Simply choose one of the avatars provided in the ProblemPages avatar gallery.
2) Remote Linking - Put a link to an image elsewhere on the Internet - preferably your own web space, that of a friend or an image hosting service such as Photo Bucket.

What is hotlinking?
This is when you find an image you like on another site and put a link to their image on their webspace in your profile. Every time someone sees your avatar on this website the image is actually being downloaded from the other website, which costs them money in bandwidth - if you havn't asked permission to do this it is classed as stealing bandwidth - so don't do it without permission!

How can I check the size of an image online?
Right click on the image and choose 'properties'. You will then be able to see the pixel size and the file size.

How can I change the size of an image?
In order to get your avatar to the right size etc. you'll have to know about cropping, resizing and optimizing images for the web. This will depend on the image editing software you have available - so there is no way of providing an easy guide that will apply to everyone.

Any image producing hardware such as your scanner, printer or digital camera may have come with some kind of image editing software, so dust it off and have a play - its the only way to learn!

The following web sites may help to get you started...
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