Unshore if to start a family

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Unshore if to start a family

Postby Forest4 » Wed Oct 26, 2016 1:09 pm

Hi all

For a long time I haven't wanted kids now 34 a few silly things have come up and I'm thinking should I?
My hubby has always been happy not to have them even though I know he would say yes straight away if given the chance. We have kinda spoken about adoption in a few years as I've always been consurnd about my health due to a heart problem and I had ME when I was younger.
I'm now sorted of thinking should I try, problem is my Doc is not very helpful when I've tried to speak to her in the past and says need to go to family planning... what can they do about a heart problem??

Basically I was under great ormornd St in London as a child till I was 21 - got told if I was to get pregnant I would need very close care and would probably need a C section as my body would probably really struggled and heart might fail if natural.. this is what worries me as I said above doctor doesn't seam botherd and just says get pregnant first! I'm also "pants" sceared of injections, I faint!

I kinda want a family but then don't if this makes sense?
I don't want to speak to hubby about it as feel a bit silly don't know why.
We have our own house, he works full time and I'm a freelance coach.
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Re: Unshore if to start a family

Postby snail » Thu Oct 27, 2016 9:15 am

Well you clearly haven't got the reassurance you needed from your doctor, so can you go again or speak to another doctor at the practice who might be more helpful? It doesn't sound as though your doctor was bothered - perhaps she didn't realise you were worried about your heart, but thought you were talking about contraception or trying to conceive?

I think you said in another post you were a full time athlete - surely if your body can handle that it can handle giving birth, which even very unfit women do?
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