over-protective parent is driving me crazy, help

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over-protective parent is driving me crazy, help

Post by depressed_rose » Thu Jul 28, 2005 12:21 am

i am currently 14 and my parents, mainly my mum, are always very over protective of me, it's driving me into depression, i feel really upset when all my m8s are allowed to da things they're allowed and my mum's always moaning and having a go about me and if i answer back she'll shout at me. Sometime i'm really scared of my mum :( she won't let me have a boyfriend either but secretly i already have one and i can't tell her that because i know she would go mental, she thinks too much, i need help please, she's driving me crazy....

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Post by luvva » Thu Jul 28, 2005 12:26 am

My Dad is the same. I've had a boyfriend for nearly a year...and I still can't tell him! He acts like I'm still a kid half of the time.

He hates me going out, doesn't let me stay out at all...even though my brother does whatever he wants! I really don't like my dad because of it!

My dad isn't the kind of person you can really talk to...so I don't know how to fix anything with him! Could you talk to your mum at all? Or maybe mention it to your Dad?

It's obviously just because she loves you so much, but maybe you should start to do things slowly? Ask to do something small that she would usually say no to, and work up from there?

I'm sure your mum would prefer for you to talk to her, not have you feeling like this.

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Post by Krazycow » Thu Jul 28, 2005 10:01 am

my mum is exactly the same mates, bf's etc etc whenever we talk we usually reach disagreement very quick. when i answer back, she shouts and screams at me, and sometimes very nearly hits me. but i tell her she could get put down and she thins about it and starts rating and raving again......it goes on for hours sometimes!!!!

maybe you should talk to your dad? or just sit and talk to your mum...
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Post by nothings_shocking » Thu Jul 28, 2005 2:51 pm

my parents were exactly the same...i was 16 nearly 17 and i wasn't allowed to walk from the bottom of my road to my house after dark...My dad used to tell me that i had to be home before dark sometimes this being 4 pm!!!
My brother on the otehr hand whom may i add is younger was allowed out later...
I got 'but your a girl it's different' from my dad...mum told him that was rubbish.
As you get older they will realise you do need more space.
I am 17 now (so the above was recent) and i can go to a pub and have meals and do all different things now whereas before the idea of a pub to my parents was a big no!
Parents are protective. It doesn't help when you hear and read things. Watching the news and hearing about the people who have been raped or stabbed or attacked at night. This is what makes them more protective.
They are only like this because they love you.
Things will get better as you get older.
You can assure them that you will be ok.
I done this by taking my mobile phone with me. I still do it now...i tell them if you need me i have my phone.
Just wait until you have children then you will understand.
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Post by lilessexgal » Thu Jul 28, 2005 5:08 pm

have you tried sitting down with her and having a proper conversation with her about how she treats you and stuff?

are you the youngest? because if you are she might just be realising all her kids are growing up and she might miss being able to look after you 24/7.

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