Just can;t seem to handle the boyz

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Just Landed
Just Landed
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Just can;t seem to handle the boyz

Post by SarahWallis » Mon Sep 16, 2013 12:11 am

I'm a 16 year old girl who is still in high school and I've never been kissed. Not even a peck. NADA. Ever since middle school I couldn't even play spin the bottle. Before your thinking I'm not overweight, don't have acne, not disabled, I have friends. Basically I have nothing that would outwardly put boys off me. I've been told by my friends that I should take a chance because all of them are losing their virginity and are onto like there 6th romance! I feel pressured and scared. I hate being touched sometimes too. I am not shy around guys I just come across unflirtly and disinterested. I have no idea why. I liked this guy who was my dance partner in a school show but the thoughts in my head of crushing on him didn't mirror my actions. For example I acted like I was bored and didn't make an effort to small talk. I don't go to parties because I'm not really like that. I went to a couple and felt uncomfortable. I don't have panic attacks but just feel bored and nervous to let go and have fun. In the past some guys made fun of me by playing jokes and being annoying and I know it's normal back then for 13 year old guys to pick on girls because they're immature. Also, now this guy is mean to me for no reason so I just ignore him but I have no idea why he does it because I'm not bullied at school and I know he doesn't like me. But I'm wondering if that has affected my confidence to this day. Also, I feel not worthy of love and have low self confidence. I can come across chatty towards other people but cannot flirt to save my life.I' quite like being friendly social. I know that people say 'we accept the love we think we deserve' and other rubbish but I think I might have issues. I don't know whether to go to counselling to find out the root of my problem. Please give your honest thoughts and don't be afraid to write the truth! I need the truth.

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Familiar Face
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Re: Just can;t seem to handle the boyz

Post by mattmxl » Mon Sep 16, 2013 6:31 pm

Truth is we're all different people that come to these experiences at our own good time. You might be looking for a problem that doesn't exist, just because "everybody else" is doing it doesn't make you abnormal for not. I didn't kiss a girl until I was 19 and know of many other examples so its not that uncommon. All this will come to you eventually, more than likely when you meet a like-minded guy and you have the common ground out in front of you. I personally wouldn't go worrying about it. Anybody that picks on you for it clearly has a problem with you being an individual, but that is very much their problem and not yours.

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Bel Bel
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Fully Fledged Flatmate
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Re: Just can;t seem to handle the boyz

Post by Bel Bel » Tue Sep 17, 2013 10:43 am

I too think it is very normal to "grow up" at different times.
Lots of these girls will regret losing their virginity so young when they are older
Most of these relationships will not last
Not all relationships start from a place of lust either. You may get to know someone as a friend and then fall for them, often a better way as you really get to know that person properly
Don't worry about it and just enjoy your friends and the time you get with them
Life is for living so live it to the fullest

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