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Re: I hate waiting! Arrgghh!

Posted: Fri Jun 04, 2010 8:54 am
by RagDoll
The condition just keeps reoccuring, all they can do is operate each time to try and get rid of some of the tissue that's causing it, but each operation is less and less successful due to the build up of scar tissue etc. making it an increasingly tricky op. I know it's not life-threatening or anything, so it's not a really big deal, but my Dad loves to play the guitar and he can't do that anymore :( is a bit sad really.

Anymore news on your housey situation Bel Bel? We were supposed to have our first viewing last night, our agent told us the guy wanted to see the house ASAP, then he didn't turn up! Very frustrating.

Re: I hate waiting! Arrgghh!

Posted: Fri Jun 04, 2010 9:34 am
by Bel Bel
How rude not to turn up. :x
Hope you have good luck selling. :D

No news, my sellers solicitor has been sitting on all his paperwork. He told my seller yesterday that because my solicitor hadn't chased them they hadn't bothered doing anything - :o What a stinking attitude. My solicitor was gobsmacked they admitted that to their client. As it turns out my soilicitor had been trying to get hold of them all day and kept leaving messeages which were ignored. So my sellers solicitor is a very rude word :evil:

I am still hoping if we exchange early next week we can move Friday but realistically I think it will be 18th June. Will let you know