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School holiday

Postby MonkeyLill » Thu May 09, 2013 9:31 pm

Hi I'm at middle school and in June we are going on holiday for 4 days. It seems great to have no parents, no school!!
But the problem was when we were asked to decide on our dorms. We have to pick three people we want to go with and at first me and my friends had sorted it out. It was going to be me Jade Ellie and Edie. The next day I arrived at school to find out Edie didn't want to go with Jade. So then it was us three. Then Alanya came wanting to go with Jade and Edie. After lunch Alanya went off with Edie Jade and Izzy saying not to put me just them four. I heard what they said and talked to Jade about it. Jade said she wanted to be with me so she wasnt going to put Edie and Ellie agreed. In lesson 4 Edie came up to me and Jade and said: "So it's me, Jade Izzy and Alanya" I was clearly standing there looking a bit upset but why would she care. After a while when we where getting ready for lesson 5 Izzy came up to us and said she was goig with Amy so Ellie can go with them. She also said: "it was a bit mean of us to leave Ellie out anyway." Upset I sat there awkwardly. Then at the begging of lesson 5 Jade said she was goig with Amber and Kiri and Alanya which left me Edie and Ellie. Ellie decided she didn't want to go with Edie but promised me she would go with me. After a while I was told she was going with someone else. I went over to Edie and asked her who she was going with. She said Alanya Ellie and Jade but I told her what had happened. She then said went off to talk to Rachel and Jade. I overheard Rachel saying to Edie that they should go with me but I reckon Edie doesn't want to.
Mr young the teacher in charge said we will deffinately be put with one friend so I don't know what to do. Please help!! thanks for your time xxx
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Re: School holiday

Postby snail » Fri May 10, 2013 11:56 am

To be honest it's hard to follow your message without knowing all the people involved, but it seems like they change their minds quite a lot, and you probably can't control what they are doing. I think all you can do is have a list in your mind of people that YOU would like to go with, ask these people, and let them sort out the rest themselves. I'm sure it will work itself out. And if you do end up with people you don't know so well, you might even get the chance to make new friends as well.
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