In a real mess...:(

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In a real mess...:(

Postby DoodlePlex » Wed Jul 09, 2008 5:16 pm

I've just completed my third year at university and have come out averaging as a third class degree. I have a referral I have to take by next month but this isn't what's worrying me.

I'm really upset about my results. The reason being, that I tried my hardest and really wanted to succeed, to please my family and also myself. I did well in my second year and passed with a high mark in one of my modules this year too. However, the other tutors passed me with low marks that made me pass but only just. Because of the weighting system, this rounds off my average to focus on those low marks. :(

A few months before due dates, one of my tutors passed away and our class was given a replacement. I was predicted a good grade in this class and because of the new marking system this tutor introduced, everything I'd worked at changed. My other tutor unfortunately, was also the module leader. I went in for many tutorials with him and worked my hardest to get good grades but the advice he provided me with in these tutorials were apparently the wrong things to do in my coursework. I know this from the comments he gave me when he returned it, which were unprofessional and a little rude. :(

I'm considering to go in and talk to someone about it tomorrow but I'm wondering what I can bring up to make valid points. I really want there to be something I can do to change this, as I'm really unhappy. :(

Around the last few months of doing the coursework, family problems came up involving a pregnancy and someone moving out. The situation really upset me and stressed me out over work but I'm not sure if this is a good enough reason. I'm wondering whether I should retake the year but I'm not sure what good this will do me as I've passed most of my modules now. Is there really nothing I can do?

Has anyone else been in this situation? I would be so, so grateful for any responses or advice. I feel completely trapped and miserable.

Thank you xx :(
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Postby Bel Bel » Thu Jul 10, 2008 10:23 am

I am sure you can ask for the results to be reevaluated but I am sorry I don't know how you would go about this
Perhaps go and talk to someone high up and find out
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Postby all_apologies » Thu Jul 10, 2008 10:50 am

Do you have an advisor allocated to each student at your uni? You can go and speak to him/her about your problems (or even just email them to begin with and take it from there). Most universities are pretty sympathetic towards difficult situations provided you let them know about them. Your family circumstances may be able to be covered by a doctor's note (explain your situation to your doctor and s/he'll decide whether you can have a medical line for stress).

As for the change of tutor situation, you can also bring this up with your advisor. Tell them exactly what you've written here, and also bring along some of your work as proof of what you see as unfair marking. Surely if you were doing well and suddenly your good marks counted for less, your classmates' marks would also have dropped too? Maybe if the department are made aware of an overall drop in marks they'll lower the grading system accordingly.
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